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Renegade Products - Graphene & Ceramic Black Paint Polish

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What is Graphene and Ceramic Black Paint Polish?

Graphene and ceramic black paint polish is a type of paint protection commonly used in the detailing world. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms and is most known for its strength and thermal properties. When graphene is added to a paint polish, it provides high levels of gloss, durability, and even scratch resistance. Ceramic coatings are liquid polymer coatings that provide protective layers to help against sun damage, scratches, swirl marks, and other environmental causes. It also has hydrophobic elements which means it is water repelling.  Correcting black paint is a difficult job in the car care world, yet this product is made to make it easy and effortless. 


What Ingredients are Found in Graphene and Ceramic Black Paint Polish?

 The specific ingredients and formula may differ from brand to brand; however, some common ingredients in graphene and ceramic black paint polish are

  • Graphene is a primary ingredient for durability.
  • Ceramic nanoparticles, like silica or titanium dioxide, are added for protection and UV resistance. 
  • Polymers are often added to provide adhesion and viscosity to the paint polish itself. 
  • Solvents help with the actual application process to ensure a nice and even spread of the product.
  • Lubricants may be added to avoid any potential scratching to the paint surface.
  • Surfactants help to level the product and ensure an even coating as well.
  • Additives may be used in the formulation to enhance appearance, provide water repelling properties, and increase the lifespan of the coating.
  • Micro abrasives to remove scratches & imperfections

 SDS Sheet for the Graphene & Ceramic Black Paint Polish

Click the link to access the Graphene & Ceramic Black Paint Polish

How to Use Graphene and Ceramic Black Paint Polish?

 The instructions may also vary depending on the manufacturer, but a simple guide to using a graphene and ceramic black paint polish is as follows;

  1. Start with a clean surface. Use soap and water to get rid of any loose dirt with a wash mitt. 
  2. Make sure the vehicle is dry. 
  3. Thoroughly shake the paint polish before the application process. 
  4. Using an applicator pad or machine, apply a few drops and work in small sections. Make sure to get an even application.
  5. Once you have completed the application, allow for the coating to cure.
  6. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff the product and remove any excess product.