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Renegade Products - Forged Red Metal Polish

$16.00 USD

Renegade Forged Red Metal Polish designed for forged and billet wheels. It aims to give you a show-quality finish and has finer abrasive grains that are appropriate for softer aluminum wheels. The cleaning agents and sealants will leave your wheels bright, clean, and protected. It's perfect for maintaining that polished wet finish between machine polishing sessions.

After washing your vehicle or cleaning your wheels with Renegade NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash, simply apply Forged Red Metal Polish with a Microfiber Pad until until a dark haze starts to develop. To remove Forged Red, we recommend using a cotton terry cloth towel to do a majority of the drying. Using a cotton terry cloth towel before switching to one of our Premium Microfiber Towels will help reduce the chances of any clumping of excess metal polish that may occur when only using microfiber towels.

Pro Tip: Apply a protective coating such as Renegade Hydro Guard Ceramic Spray or Graphene + Ceramic Spray to protect your newly polished wheels and prolong their shine.