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Renegade Products - NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash

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Renegade NOtorious H2O Waterless Wash

What is Waterless Wash?

Waterless wash is a detailing product that is formulated so that you can clean your vehicle without the use of water. This dry wash is not only eco friendly and convenient, but it also safely removes particles and contaminants from a vehicle's surface without leaving any scratches or imperfections. Waterless wash will make your vehicle look like you spent hours cleaning it, with just a couple of sprays. This product is efficient in between car washes to maintain a clean looking car. 

What Ingredients are Found in Waterless Washes?

Waterless washes contain a variety of ingredients that work together to clean a vehicle and prevent scratching. Chemicals may vary from brand to brand; however, some common ones are

  • Surfactants which help to lift dirt and grime from a vehicle's surface. They also reduce the surface tension of water which allows it to mix with oils and dirt. 
  • Emulsifiers also break down dirt and help prevent it from depositing back onto the surface. They help mix the water and oil based properties together for a suitable product. 
  • Polymers can also be found in waterless washes to add shine and protection. They can help keep the car clean for longer and repel dust or dirt particles.
  • Lubricants ensure an easier cleaning process without any surface damage.
  • Alcohol or solvents can also be in waterless washes to make the evaporation process go faster and ensure a streak-free finish. 
  • Preservatives may prolong the shelf life of a product and are therefore sometimes added to these products. 

How to use Renegade NOtorious H2O Waterless Wash:

Step 1
Spray Renegade NOtorious H2O Waterless Wash onto a Premium Microfiber Towel and directly onto the contaminated surface. Be sure to start from the top and make your way down, to avoid run-off and additional work.

Step 2
Proper technique is to always wipe off in one direction. Make sure to refold the Premium Microfiber Towel after each pass to expose a clean microfiber cloth surface. 

Step 3
Use multiple gentle passes in lieu of heavy-handed pressure for dirt-saturated areas.

Pro tips:

  • Do one panel at a time.
  • Use multiple gentle passes in lieu of heavy-handed pressure for dirt-saturated areas.
  • Wipe off product inn a linear motion to avoid blemishes.
  • Use if you have any type of build up such like bird droppings, pollen or dead bugs depending on the severity you may want to get a second microfiber towel and gently agitate the troubled area



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